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Welcome to Goldhunter Detectors. It is owned and operated by Wendy Arvidson and we here at Goldhunter Detectors are here to give a great customer experience. Our staff are very experienced in both metal detecting ( over 45 years in fact) and prospecting for gold by others means, such as panning, sluicing, high banking & using trommels. We can give advice on which equipment would be best for your intended use and for your budget. We can offer you tuition in the use of your new purchase.

We aim to provide a complete service to our customers.

We have a dealer network set up so that customers have the choice of going into a dealer’s shop in their local area or to buy online if they wish to.

We sell several different brands of metal detectors ( Fisher, Teknetics, Bounty Hunter, Nokta, Makro, Tesoro, White’s and upgraded/modified Minelab F1A4s) and accessories. We sell coils for all the brands we sell and stock all spare parts too.
We stock Aussie Gold Dog sluices and high bankers too. They are ALL Australian made.They are made in Australia ,by an Aussie company, to a higher standard than the imports. We do our best to support Australian made products ,where we can.

All of our detectors are able to be repaired here in Australia. We have authorised electronics technicians for each of the brands.

We sell Maps, Picks, Gold Pans, Books, Protective Clothing and footwear, Battery Chargers, Rechargeable Batteries, Quality Digital Scales ,DVDs, Giftware and much much  more. We will be adding much more to our range soon. L

We sell a fantastic range of metal detectors for both coin relic & beach detectors and gold detectors and some that are great for both.

We will continually search for quality products to offer our customers and thereby offer our customers more choice.

Contact us for your detecting or prospecting needs.

Good luck out there!






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