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Hi All.

Goldhunter Detectors is now Under New Ownership  & Management

We will still be selling all the old favourites, but look out for more products within the range of metal detectors and accessories, as well as some surprise new things added to our catalogue over the next few months.

Jack, the former owner of Goldhunter Detectors has authored numerous articles in Australian Gold Gem and Treasure Magazine, Overlander, 4 X 4 Australia, etc. Jack has also produced his famous Nugget Finding Secrets series of DVDs, which we will still be selling.

Goldhunter Detectors will still also be selling his variety of metal detectors because their affordable price brings metal detecting within the reach of many who couldn’t afford a good detector before or for those who have become discouraged with detecting because their previous metal detector has given so many false and confusing signals that they just gave up. Many total beginners have found nuggets and jewellery for the first time with the Gold Snoop detector.

Goldhunter Detectors is in constant liaison with the overseas factories to improve performance and quality control. They even requested the worst Australian mineralized soils to use in their Research and Development Dept and quality control Dept. Now who else does that?

Good luck out there!





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