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Since 1931, Fisher has been the most trusted name in metal detection. Whether you are locating buried utilities, in need of security walk through metal detectors or want to find long buried treasures, Fisher technology will find it fast. From analog to digital, in single or multiple frequencies, Fisher quality and innovation are your reliable source for underground locating equipment.

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These 2nd hand upgraded Minelab detectors are offered are upgraded by a electronics engineer. It detects very deeply. The LEVEL Two modification makes it even more versatile at half the price of a modified 3500 , while the LEVEL 3 modification takes it up another level again . The Level 3 comes with its own battery pack. They both handle hot soils brilliantly and is easy to use. Ring us to find out about each of them and decide for yourself, which would suit your needs.

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This energy shaft was designed to take the tension off your arm when detecting. Swinging a heavy coil on a large detector can lead to muscle fatigue. This device enables the detector to swing from side to side effortlessly needing only to be gently guided in the right direction.

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In warm weather your ears can get very hot with the big headphones. they act like black solar panels which fry your head! And you cant wear the required broad rimmed hat with them. That’s why Jack has manufactured these under chin earphones.

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