Jack Lange Special

Jack Lange Special Body

The Jack Lange Special

Specifically made to Jack’s ( former owner of Goldhunter Detectors) specifications. ‘It’s almost incredible that a $300 detector will handle the worst goldfields soils and wet beach sands in Australia and find all but the tiniest of nuggets.’ We guarantee this one will handle such soils! (try getting this guarantee for other brands under $750!)

  • Good depth in noisy ground conditions for the price
  • All Metal and Discrimination modes (rejects junk)
  • Ground Balance Control for extremely variable soil types
  • Sensitivity + Volume Control
  • Inbuilt speaker and large earphone socket.
  • Ultra-light 10″ Waterproof Elliptical Coil and armrest strap
  • Takes two 9v batteries (40 hours+ use)
  • Weighs only 945 Grams! (lightest ever)



Jack Lange Special Face


  • Superclear under-chin headphones just $59
  • CHARGER for 9V batteries $17 Snoop 9 Volt batteries $11
  • Sand Scoop/Sieve $8
  • Superclear Softie Headphones with quality volume and sound $29