Minelab F1A4 Gold Level Three

level 3 front


The level 3 detector has the following feature list: Tone, threshold, volume and a new gain control allowing much more gain. Has 4 timings, the extra timing being the power hungry timing. 5 frequency selections 2 lower than standard for better depth with bigger coils and 2 higher than standard for better sensitivity with smaller coils. Also it has a channel select switch which can be used to check target responses in each individual channel to help you determine size/depth and if the signal is a ground noise or not. It also has the added benefit that in the fine timing(timing 1 on the level 2) channel 1 can be used with reduced ground noise, but the detector still remains very sensitive. In this setting, you can work ground that even a 5000 has difficulty ground balancing on. There are also mods done that increase the ground balance ability of the detector that help get the most out of the extra gain. Also a lot of work has been done to do away with the original D cell battery pack and allow the ability to run from 5.9 to 8.4v input with the necessary internal bits done for this and also so the extra power hungry timing can be run without possible damage to the detector. The battery pack that comes with the level 3 has an adjustable voltage output that once set remains constant and does not drop away as the battery goes flat. The capacity of the battery is enough to run the detector in the most power hungry setting for about 8hrs and will charge up overnight from flat. Also during testing I noted that in some variable ground the voltage can be adjusted to help minimise the ground viabilities, this does not work in all situations. Also with higher voltage, in quiet ground, the response from smaller targets seems to be better During initial testing, the detector was taken back to a spot that had previously “cleaned out”, well at least it was thought to have been! A couple of hours and about 45 bits(biggest 0.5g most around .1-.2g) later…. A Very good result! The Timing and frequency switches are mounted on the battery end of the machine, the channel select switch goes where the timing switch was on the L2. Also there is an option for the mounting bracket to be replaced with a special pressed aluminium bracket that will allow the box to be mounted on a normal Minelab style armrest and shaft.