Minelab F1A4 Gold Level Two

level two controlbox1

F1A4 GOLD Level Two Upgrades include Coil to control box connectors. These enable the fitting of any monoloop or DD coils that are suitable for Minelab SD’s, GP’s or GPX’s. If you already have coils from an existing Minelab PI, they will work great with the F1A4 GOLD. Earphone/amplified external speaker mod. The military-style earphone connector has been modified to accept ordinary earphones or external speakers. New earphones are provided. Adjustable Threshold Upgrade. This makes the threshold and signal sound sweet and familiar. In the detectors original form the threshold was not pleasant or adjustable. Now the threshold may be adjusted to the users liking, the same as other Minelab PI detectors. Pulse timing mod. A 3-way switch gives the choice of 3 pulse timings. (GP’s only have 1) With this mod the detector can be optimised for max depth for either small, large or average size targets. Left on ‘average’ setting the detector is competent on nuggets of all sizes. Frequency mod. A choice of 3 frequencies further enhances ability on different size targets, whereas GP’s are fixed on an ‘average’ setting only). Ground Balance handle control mod. The F1A4 Gold has an extremely efficient Ground Balance control. It ground balances much more quickly than GP’s etc, almost instantly and accurately. This method is considered by many experts to be of the most efficient type. It is the semi-auto ‘Quick Grab’ system. As often as you press the top of the hand grip button, you adjust the ground balance to the changing conditions. It is not the auto tracking system such as the Minelab GP and GPX’s have which causes the loss of some sensitivity and control: The simple ‘Quick Grab’ system retains full sensitivity and stability. Hip or shoulder mount. Most of us know that Minelab PI gold detectors are heavy and need bungi cord support. Unlike the other models, the F1A4 comes with a special ‘quick release lever which allows the control box to separate instantly from the shaft, and fitted inside a provided hip/shoulder mount bag. Imagine the convenience of a much lighter Minelab to swing! Volume Mod. Unlike Minelab SD’s and GP’s, the F1A4 GOLD now has a proper volume control. Batteries, charger. Takes 4 D size batteries; two sets of four rechargeable batteries and a charger supplied Other features. Auto interference cancellation via auto push button. You can now operate closer to power lines than you could before. Hard carry case. A very strong (but not heavy) case is provided to protect the detector while travelling. There is also a carry bag and a hip/shoulder mount bag for the control box. Warranty – 12 months on the control box and shaft and 6 months on the 8″ round mono coil. 1 month warranty on the supplied accessories, but they are mainly new and and replaced if faulty.