Eurotek Pro detector with 11in DD coil - Front View

Teknetics® EurotekPro® TEKNETICS EUROTEK PRO with 11″ coil Features Never Before Seen in This Price Range!

•FeTone®, Adjustable Iron Audio – Adjust the audio volume of iron targets independent from non-ferrous targets

•V-Break®, Variable Breakpoint – Industry’s first variable breakpoint tone discrimination system

•Variable Iron Discrimination – This is a digital feature allowing full range adjustment of discrimination, 0-39

•Superior Iron Separation – Fast Recovery Speed – Very affective at separating ferrous targets from non-ferrous targets in close proximity to each other

•Iron Identifier LED – An on-screen LED that lights up when iron is detected, regardless of discrimination setting

•Adjustable volume (1 – 20)

•5-Segment Depth Indicator

•3-Tone Audio ID

•Large 2-digit numeric Target-ID numbers from 1-99

•Ferrous ID (1 – 39)

•Non-Ferrous ID (40 – 99)

•Depth Indicator •Multi-Tone Audio Target-ID

•Motion Discrimination Mode •Discrimination Adjustment (1 – 79)

•Adjustable Sensitivity (1 – 10)

•¼” (6.3 mm) headphone jack

•Large Target Overload Warning

•Save Settings as Default •Battery Power Indicator

•8” (20 cm) Concentric waterproof searchcoil •Ergonomic S-Handle design with locking stem collars

•7.81 kHz Operating frequency

•Length: 37.25” – 50.5” (95 cm – 128 cm)

•Uses one 9V battery

•Battery life: 20-25 hrs.

•Weight: 2.4 lbs. (1 kg)

•5-year warranty