Best Digging Tools

It’s a great idea to have variety of digging tools at hand when you go prospecting, We review several that are popular on eBay and Amazon Australia. When it comes to digging holes and retrieving targets, you want to be fast, efficient and leave smaller plug as possible and be less destructive to your environment.

There are three prospecting picks that you need for this mission. They are prospector’s pick, folding prospector’s shovel, and snuffer bottle. These are not just something that would help increase your prospecting level in any way but these things can be very useful in your day to day activities.

Let us start with the prospector’s pick which is very useful when it comes to digging holes or even scratching off some of those marks on rocks. You cannot just use any type of objects as a prospecting pick. These prospecting picks are especially designed to get the job done, whether it is prospecting or just digging up some holes before putting your seeds inside there. Another thing that you need to know about prospector’s pick is that these things can already be pretty expensive because of its durability. You cannot really blame them though since they are made out of high quality materials so expect these prospecting picks to last longer than you think it would.

Lesche Digging Tool

The Lesche Digging Tool is the ultimate digging tool. It has a 7 in. stainless steel blade that can easily cut through roots and rocks, making it ideal for use in nursery, landscaping, camping and metal detecting. The Lesche Digging Tool comes with a handy belt holder to keep it close at hand when you need it most. Made in the USA. 

Lesche digging

Check the price here: 

Product Description: 

  • Ideally suited for nursery, landscaping, camping and metal detecting
  • Blade length of 7 in., width of 1 3/4 in
  • Comes with handy belt holder
  • The ultimate digging tool
  • Made in the USA.

Check for right or left handed serrations when ordering!

Review: For the extra money this trowel is the best by far. It has chrome in the steel making it stronger and more corrosion resistant. That is what you’re paying for. Replace 2 or 3 cheaper tools with this one. 

Tyger Cub Dig Tool

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The TYGER CUB prospecting tool was designed and developed and for prospectors, treasure hunters and metal detector enthusiasts. The Tyger Cub is a popular digging tool but produces larger plugs than the Lesche digging tool or hori hori knives.

Made from Stainless Steel, Tig Welded, Laser Cut serrations.

Total Length – 300mm Blade – 80mm at widest point, tapering down to 60mm at beginning of serrations. Blade length – 160mm

Hori Hori Garden Knife

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Many detectorists swear by a hori hori knife as it produces smaller plugs and is less destructive to the soil in public areas such as parks, sporting grounds etc. Yes, it is a garden tool but it is one of the most popular gardening knives on Amazon Australia, I suspect people are using it for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing and metal detecting.


  • The hori hori knife offers two working blade edges. One is sharp serrated sawing edge, and the other is a razor-sharp cutting edge. Polished 420 stainless steel blade resists rust and makes 2 working edges sharper.
  • Quality and Durable: Garden knife with a full tang won’t bend or break while digging. The full tang means that the thick stainless steel of the blade goes straight through to the end of handle and it is also kept in place by 3 metal rivets.