Gold Cube Banjo Pan Review

The Banjo Pan is the newest addition to the gold prospecting community. The basic gold pan design has been used by prospectors since the discovery of gold. By changing a few innovations like adding riffles, drop bottoms, different sizes and different materials like plastics, have made the gold pan easier to use and somewhat more efficient.

The Banjo Pan is a revolutionary gold pan that not only allows for continuous production but can also be used underwater! It does this by using vortex principles (degrees of separation) found in sluice boxes.

However, as many gold prospectors know; the panning process gets slower at every stage when trying to get down to the gold. Instead of slowing down at this crucial stage, the Banjo Pan speeds it up!

Dimensions: the pan is 25 cms wide and the sluice is 30 cms long . Overall it is 55 cms long x 25 cms wide and 10 cms deep. It is available in blue and in green for $135 on ebay Australia.

How does it work?

Using the Gold Cube principles (degrees of separation) found in sluice boxes.

Watch this video below:

Here is another video made by the creator:

Why should you use one?

The Banjo Pan incorporates the Patented Gold Cube concepts to give you an incredibly portable and efficient gold pan that takes the hastle out of panning and substantially increases your yield.

Does it work underwater?

This is a pan that can be used wet, dry and even underwater!