Designing a metal detecting cake

Designing a metal detecting cake

 We have come up with some Metal Detecting Cake Topper ideas for your next birthday party. Why not!

You might wonder whether it’s difficult to make a cake for a metal detecting enthusiast, but it is easy once you know some tricks to get the grass, soil and sand looking great!!


Making edible grass and soil

Using desiccated coconut

The cheat is to use desiccated coconut, green colour and a small amount of lemon extract mixed together to make edible grass.

Try to make 2 batches with different tints of green and mix them together for a natural grass look. Put green fondant on the cake but add your green grass. Watch the following video for tips.

Using green icing instead for your grass look.

green grass cakes

You can use green icing instead for your grass look. The grass icing tip or multi-opening piping tip (called a Wilton 233) can be used to create a ton of fun grass textures and designs.


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Love this video by Wilton showing how to make buttercream grass

 The grass tip is popular for making buttercream grass and for piping hair or fur. Learn how to use a grass tip for decorating cakes, cupcakes and other desserts.

Use this technique to create Easter or springtime treats or for making fun animal-themed desserts! Find the Wilton printable instructions here:

It’s a great idea to create your own characters from icing and fondant and you can even use characters you make yourself as a topper. You can 3D print some small scale models or buy metal detectors online made of Lego. 

Chocolate cakes are the easiest cake to make and decorate, however you can also make Edible Sand for a Beach Detecting Birthday Cake!

The ingredients could be a mix of biscuit crumbs, ground almonds, walnuts, brown sugar or coloured desiccated coconut. It depends how light or dark you want the sand to be.

Watch the following video for ideas:

maxresdefault 1

Here are some of the best cake images I have found online:

This is a great example of a beach detecting cake.




Great detecting cakes with edible grass and fondant





Try to get a personalised cake topper made


 I hope this helps you find ideas to make your next cake a success!