Best Paydirt Gold Prospecting Concentrate in Australia

What is Gold Prospecting Concentrate (Paydirt)?

Gold pay dirt concentrates are a great way for people who want to invest in gold without going through the hassle of physically finding it. These concentrates can be bought online and they vary in quality. In this article, we will discuss how to buy gold pay dirt that is high-quality and worth your money!

Gold prospecting concentrates are a mixture of dirt, mud, and sand that contain traces of gold. It can be obtained by panning or sluicing through water. The process involves collecting sand and other materials from the riverbed with a shovel to separate out any rocks or sediment. The remaining material will have an increased concentration of heavy metals like gold because they do not dissolve in water as well as lighter metals like aluminum.

Gold prospecting concentrate bags may include: Gold nuggets, gold pickers, gold flakes and gold fines! Different suppliers make products with separate terms, most are sold from the USA but plenty are sold in Australia. Dirt may contain treasure such as quartz crystals and agate along with gold flakes that glitter in the sun. Some even come with larger nuggets – which sounds more enticing than buying a raffle ticket doesn’t it?

Why is Gold Prospecting Concentrate called Paydirt?

This North American term ‘pay dirt’ dates from the 1850s, during the California Gold Rush. When miners found an area rich with gold ore, they would say they’d hit pay dirt. Pay dirt is a term used to describe rocks that have been crushed and milled. It has gold particles throughout the chunk of rock, which can be extracted by panning or sluicing.

What are the benefits of buying Pay Dirt?

The main benefit is not having to worry about finding something – it’s that simple! The best part about buying pay dirt on eBay or Amazon (as long as you’re purchasing from a reputable seller) is there’s little chance of being disappointed because you know what you’re paying upfront; these bags typically include flakes or small chunks of gold as well as quartz crystals and agate which can be really pretty.

Can you make money buying Paydirt?

It depends on the generosity of the producer, and possibly some luck. ‘Paydirt’ businesses have to make a profit in order to have a successful business. They have to create a business model that makes them money. A bag of paydirt that guarantees a gram of gold usually costs anywhere between $60-70 dollars. You need to do the sums.  

The gold panning hobby is very popular and many enthusiasts enjoy it out of sheer curiosity. It’s a fun activity to do with family members or friends, but the real goal, as you might have guessed already, is finding that one golden nugget in the process. 

I suspect that some detectorists buy paydirt to show their partners after a long day’s detecting, where they want to appear luckier and more successful.. so they can go on more trips in future..

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Who sells the best value for money Paydirt product in Australia?

Check out the bestsellers in the Paydirt category below:

The below table shows the best value Paydirt in Australia:

Bendigo Gold

Opal Paydirt

400g Dirt Bag WA Gold

Gourmet Paydirt plus hidden tokens

#9 ebay bestseller 

Whitecliff Mines

Minimum 1g gold in bag 

#2 ebay bestseller 

Prestige Minerals

Goldn Paydirt

Dirtbag Gold

Colorado Paydirt 10LB

3 oz Nugget Hunt

Paydirt on ebay - minimum 1g gold in every bag

#3 ebay bestseller 


Gold Digger Dave’s Gourmet Paydirt 700+ contains concentrates right from a working mine on the famous Poseidon Lead in Victoria’s Golden Triangle! Each dirtbag is guaranteed gold, and some have rich patches.

  • Hidden inside are Gold treasure miner tokens, which can be redeemed for $50 off purchases over 100 dollars or so – it all depends on how much you want them too 🙂

Here is a video by Miners Den Australia explaining how to maximise yields from Gourmet Paydirt bags:

The Gourmet Paydirt has been very popular on ebay Australia. It appears to be the best value if you need extra quality equipment for panning. 

Discover Minelab PRO-GOLD

Panning for gold is more fun with the Minelab PRO-GOLD range!

  • This kit features two premium pans and a versatile classifier.
  • They’re constructed from durable, lightweight polypropylene.
  • UV resistant to avoid damage over time and float in water so you can find all that glitters underground safely and efficiently no matter what conditions might be like at the time of exploration (and there’ll always be some good ones).

Gold bags are best used for:
– Practicing your panning skills or just having a pan for gold as part of a hobby or get together with the family or friends.
– Perfect for Competitions, or Gift in general to some who wants to learn panning.
– Excellent challenge to practice your micro fine gold panning skills.
– Test high banker setups for correct angle and slope for collecting a variety of gold.

How does gold panning paydirt work?

To pan gold paydirt concentrates, you need gold prospectors equipment that costs under $500. Here are the steps you need to know: 

  1. First,  Pour two cups of gold paydirt into a gold pan.
  2. Then, add water and swirl gold around using your hands until you have all the gold in one area.
  3. Then remove this material from the gold pan onto a piece of paper or plastic bag to dry it out before testing its quality!
  4. If this gold paydirt contains great gold nuggets, then pan again with more cups from different areas of gold paydirt.

For a more detailed video explanation, kindly go and click this link

How much is gold pay dirt?

This product can be purchased in many different sizes. Its value is determined by the amount of gold that it contains and whether or not there are any other minerals mixed into it.

Gold pay dirt varies in price depending on its quality. However, it is typically sold by the pound and can range from around $35 to over $90 per pound of rock.

What does gold paydirt look like?

In terms of appearance, there are various options for those who want to buy the best gold paydirt on the market. For example, some pay dirt may be very fine-grained and look like sand, whereas others can have large chunks of rock that are more coarse in appearance.

When buying gold paydirt, one should always check its quality before buying it to ensure they are getting something worthwhile! The most crucial factor to consider when purchasing paydirt is the amount of gold that it contains. The less there is, the lower its value will be and vice versa. Other minerals and rocks can be included, it depends where the bags come from.

New Product for 2021: Opal Paydirt 

Join the hunt Fossick from home! Check out Opal Paydirt bags which come directly from the opal mining fields in White Cliffs, Australia and is mined by the Young Guns Mining Crew on The Discovery Channel’s TV show Outback Opal Hunters!

What is in the Bags?

These Opal Paydirt Bags are your chance to get your hands in the dirt and find some rough opals! Each bag has trace amounts of opal mixed in with its natural host material.

How to use an Opal Paydirt bag
Each Bag contains trace amounts of opal.For best results, spread the dirt out evenly and use a spray bottle to wet the dirt, which will make the opal shine and easy to see. We recommend doing this outside under the sun.

Video of Casey opening a bag on the Unique World Wide Opal YouTube channel:

Where can I buy these bags?
Opal Hunters Paydirt Bag of Rough Opal 

Photos are for reference of what each bag looks like and what to expect. Each bag is unique!
Opal Paydirt Bag dimensions are 12cmx9cm (4.75″x3.5″)

How much do they cost?
The average price is around $30 however prices vary depending on yields and you can see ebay listings above. 

Best Paydirt Gold Prospecting Concentrate in Australia
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Best Paydirt Gold Prospecting Concentrate in Australia
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