5 Reasons Why You Need A Finds Pouch When Detecting

If you are like me, a finds bag is an important part of your detecting arsenal. There are five reasons why I include one in every box that I put my finds in:

1) Finds bags protect finds from being crushed by other finds. Even if they don’t crush finds under them, finds will tear and the dirt around them can fall into the tears.

2) Being small enough to go into the coin slot on most detectors, finding bags let you carry more finds with you without having to make multiple trips back to your car. If you are out hunting for a few hours and fill up your find’s pouch, but still have room left over in your detector’s coin slot, using a finds bag gives you a place to put additional finds while looking for more finds. If you don’t have the room in your detector’s coin slot, finds bags are great for storing finds until you have a chance to dump your finds out of the bag into a safe place like a pocket or box at home.

3) Most finds pouches come with different colours and styles allowing them to match whatever clothes you are wearing when detecting, making them an additional fashion accessory!

4) Finds bags can be used as backpacks where you can store smaller finds so that they don’t get mixed up in other finds in the pouch of your detector. For example, if you just got done prospecting and found some tiny gold flakes in one area using that technique it would make sense to put them in their own finds bag while digging the rest of the site so that you can easily identify them when you are putting finds in your finds bag.

5) Finds bags protect finds from theft. Not many people would want to steal a finds bag with your name printed on it! I have had finds stolen out of my finds pouches before because they did not use finds bags for their finds. If someone knows what is worth taking, and sees you walking around a park or property while detecting, they may decide to take the XD out of your detector knowing that there will be good finds inside the coin slot.

This is just one example why finds pouches should be standard equipment for any detectorist. As a finds bag collector, I have several different finds bags and use each finds bag for different reasons, like the smaller finds bag that I mentioned above. The Garett and Minelab finds bags have great reviews.

In Conclusion:

There you have it, 5 reasons why every metal detectorist or treasure hunter needs a finds pouch in their arsenal. Finds bags protect finds from being crushed by other finds as well as protecting them from tears and dirt getting on them while they are in your find’s pouch, making sure your prized possessions are ready to be looked at when you get home from detecting!

Garrett Camo Finds Pouch Review

Comparison table

Minelab Finds Bag

Garrett Camo Finds Bag

Camo Finds Bag


Genuine Minelab Finds Bag


The Minelab Finds Bag with a convenient around the waste strap and clasp, has a selection of pockets and sleeves for carrying a range of metal detecting accessories, such as a pin-pointer, torch, your latest gold or gem finds and even some snacks for those gruelling days on the hunt for the next big one! Bargain price $32 with fast and free shipping on ebay. 

Approximate Dimensions: 215mm wide (max, at base), 230mm tall, with a waist strap and clasp, suitable for a maximum waist of 120cm.

garrett camo finds bag

This bag is great for carrying your treasure finds, your phone, your Pro Pointer and of course, your finds!


  • Rugged nylon with zip lid
  • Shoulder strap with an easy release clip
  • Separate internal zip compartment
  • External nylon loop allowing attachment of pouches/holders
  • Belt fits up to 48″ waist

 What do we think?

This is a strong and durable bag, that fits nicely around your waist. But we think it is a small handbag more than a pouch. 

Product Reviews

garrett camo bag reviews


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