Metal Detecting Gifts for 2021

Metal Detecting Gifts for 2021

My top 6 gifts in 2021 for a metal detecting enthusiast are:

  1. A Finds Pouch
  2. Digging Tools
  3. Panning Kit
  4. Pinpointer
  5. T-shirt
  6. Carry Bag

These can be bought on eBay from reputable businesses with fast shipping in Australia. 

Gift List

Finds Pouch

Digging tools

Minelab Panning Kit



Carry Bag

A Finds Bag has a convenient around the waist strap and clasp, has a selection of pockets and sleeves for carrying a range of metal detecting accessories, such as a pin-pointer, torch, your latest gold or gem finds and even some snacks for those gruelling days on the hunt for the next big one! A great accessory and gift for a metal detectorist. 


Digging tools are essential for

turning earth and retrieving your finds. Look for chrome in the steel making it stronger and more corrosion resistant. 

Find one ideally suited for nursery, landscaping, camping and metal detecting