Fools Gold, Rock, Mineral and Fossil Activity Kits for Kids

We have featured two National Geographic STEM Activity kits below as they provide hours of fun and entertainment while learning all about rocks and minerals in an interactive way! We have several of these different kits at home and they are of excellent quality and we have been 100% satisfied with our purchases.

Kids love playing with the National Geographic Rock, Mineral & Fossil Activity Kit. It’s a great educational activity that children love to touch the rocks and learn about names and features.

The National Geographic Rock, Mineral & Fossil Activity Kit is a fun way for kids to explore their world! This set includes everything you need to get started on your own exploration of Earth’s natural wonders. You’ll find real specimens like a trilobite fossil, petrified wood slice, geodes from around the world and more!

Your child will have hours of fun exploring this fascinating kit while learning all about rocks and minerals in an interactive way! They’ll be able to identify different types of rocks by sight or feel as well as understand how fossils are formed. Get ready for some hands-on learning with this awesome science toy!

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Have you been looking for a fun way to teach your kids or grandkids about minerals?

The National Geographic Fool’s Dig Kit is the perfect educational activity. It includes everything you need to have an exciting time digging up pyrite and fool’s gold. This kit will keep children entertained and engaged while they learn about geology!

Your child will love this kit because it has so many cool features like a magnifying glass, brush, shovel, and more! They’ll also get some great hands-on experience with science that they can’t find anywhere else. Plus, it comes in a handy carrying case that makes cleanup easy too. You won’t regret buying this for your little one today!

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We hope you remember these when you are looking for an educational gift for your child or family member. These kits come with National Geographic’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.