Metal Detectors Best-Suited for Women in Australia! 

Who wouldn’t want to find a metal detecting treasure? Thanks to today’s technological advancements, many new lightweight detectors have come on the market and it’s a great time to get involved in this rewarding hobby.  Metal detecting as a pastime for women and families is becoming more commonplace, especially during holidays, weekends and family time. 

What do we recommend for Women? Metal detectors best-suited are lightweight, easy to use and maintain, and also highly sensitive.

In the following table, I’ll provide you with an overview of some of the best metal detectors for women on the Australian market.

COTD Metal detectors

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Comparison Tables 

Fisher 22

Nokta Macro Midi Hoard Plus Bonus Pouch

Minelab Go Find 22 Plus Bonus Pack

Around $375

Around $220

Under $200

Garrett ACE 400

Garrett AT Pro

Teknetics T2

Best Budget Detectors
Bounty Hunter Tracker IVBest value checkprice 
Bounty Hunter PioneerBest value and waterproof coil. No headphone jack. checkprice
Bounty Hunter QuicksilverMost budget featurescheckprice 
Fisher-22Easy to use, lightweight. Powerful enough for teens, women and adultscheckprice 
Minelab X Terra 305More settings you can customise. Powerful enough for teens, women and adultscheckprice 
Garrett ACE 400Powerful enough for teens, women and adultscheckprice 
Garrett AT ProExcellent performance on all terrains and waterproof coil. checkprice 

Teknetics T2

Collection of state-of-the-features. Grab these when they go on sale. checkprice 

Reputable stores on ebay: 

Bendigo Gold- Miners Den AU

Lucky Strike Gold is a reputable prospecting store located in Geelong, VIC. We are a registered Minelab, Garrett and Keenes dealer and also stock all top brands of metal detectors, picks, coils, sluices and other mining equipment.

Hobby Detectors Australia


Toys and Things NSW

Lost Treasures 


Bounty Hunter Pioneer EX

Bounty Hunter’s Fast Tracker metal detector offers the excitement and profit of metal detecting with easy use and at an accessible price, making it ideal for those just getting started. It has 4 search modes, weighs 1.2kg and the control panel shows just how deep the item is! One of the best things about Bounty Hunter’s newest range is that the coil is waterproof! That means even if you’re on the beach, just because you’re close to the water, doesn’t mean you have to stop searching.


  • Quality product – Made in the USA. The seller offers Australian warranty.
  • Automated, easy-to-use for the beginning user
  • Easy view LCD display with visual LCD status indicators
  • Push button discrimination eliminates unwanted objects
  • One-touch depth control
  • Three-tone audio feedback identifies various targets allowing to focus on certain objects
  • Automatic ground balancing to “see through” ground minerals
  • Detects large objects up to 2 ft deep and coins over 6 ft deep
  • Does not include HeadPhone jack. All audio comes from speaker.

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 Bounty Hunter EX

There are other Bounty Hunter models listed in the table above from The Hobby Detectors ecommerce stores on ebay and Catch of the Day. Click the Catch banner above to go directly to their store. 

Bounty Hunter Tracker IV video: 

Fisher F22

A low-end model from industry heavyweights Fisher, the F22 is an ideal entry-level/intermediary model. It’s designed to help newbies ramp up their expertise. And since it weighs only 2.3 pounds, women can easily carry it around for hours on end to really immerse themselves in the art of treasure hunting.

It also comes with a good value-to-price ratio, providing a decent assortment of features at an affordable rate. When used properly, these features allow for thorough sweeps down at least 9-inches below the surface to unearth relics, jewellery, and coins.


You’ll find the 10 adjustable sensitivity levels highly expedient for sifting through trash and junk finds. There’s also a pinpoint mode, but it seems like an afterthought to me, because its sensitivity pales when compared to those of hand-held pin-pointers. There’s also a 2-digit (1-99) numeric target identification integrated to also help in tracing out targets.

The machine operates on a low frequency which isn’t high enough to spot gold nuggets deep in the soil. It’s great for beginners to use beachcombing and treasure hunting. 

Watch the review here

Link to the manual here:

If you are looking for more features you can’t go past the Fisher Gold Bug Pro Model: 




Garrett ACE 400

Many models in the Garrett ACE series have won the hearts of many treasure hunters, chief among them the ACE 400. This model outclasses other members of the series in many aspects, including a superior operating frequency which makes it much more sensitive. It’s also an excellent lightweight option, weighing just 2.9lbs. The stem is adjustable to allow to you carry it even more conveniently.

Another feature that enhances convenience is the three-tone audio feedback, which produces sound prompts to alert you to the proximity of targets. The audio signals complement a Digital Target ID display that also helps you identify targets more easily.

The model also comes with a pre-set ground balance to give you much less to worry about, though this also prevents you from adjusting the ground balance manually in mineralized grounds. You’ll also have 5 pre-set search modes to work with, as well as 10 discrimination settings to easily streamline your search.

All the features are accessible through a crisp, intuitive user interface.

Garrett AT Pro

This Garrett metal detector performs excellently across all terrains. Its first-rate waterproof coil can stand up to use 10 feet underwater, so you don’t have to limit your search area to dry ground only. It can capture signals from targets buried 10 inches underground. And with its superb sensitivity, you might find yourself digging up dirt to unearth valuables at every turn.

And with the impressive iron discrimination feature, you can avoid digging up junk. You’ll find this feature highly expedient especially when searching for coins. But note that the higher the sensitivity of the iron discriminator, the lower its depth of penetration.

There are also audio signals and a target ID display to help you zero in quickly on targets.

Review video:

Read the reviews here:

Teknetics T2

With a collection of state-of-the-features, the T2 is an excellent model under $500 for intermediate/expert detectorists. And since it eases the search for coins, relics, and precious metals through easy-to-use features like the target identification display on the LCD screen, excellent lightweightness and a double filter discrimination mode, it’s an excellent choice for women.

With its waterproof, 11-inch bi-axial search coil, you get a highly sensitive signal reception, you’ll hardly miss any important find during your search. The T2 is powered by 4 AA batteries, which can keep you going for 40 hours nonstop, to further eliminate any excuse for not succeeding in your hunt.


But as a beginner, you may find the continuous ground monitoring and manual balance control a little too geeky, but you can go with the automatic balance control.

Overall, the T2 can serve as a bona fide go-to metal detector for women who want to delve deeper into the world of treasure hunting.

Watch the review here from KellyCo.

Looking for a Pinpointer to reduce your digging time and make it easier to find targets? 

Bounty Hunter

Minelab Pro-Find 35

Garrett Pro Pointer

The Wedderburn Detector Jamboree is on the 1st weekend in March for the Labour Day VIC weekend! A great family event every year. 

Want to organise your own activity? Check out our Metal Detecting Challenge for Kids 

Ready to Take the Plunge?

The above metal detectors can be a great investment for women. You can pick any of them, and most likely recover your money back in no time while honing your treasure-hunting expertise.


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