Which Coil Should You Use?

The Confusion Over Coils

Which coil is the best for you? Will they help you get more gold? The advantages and disadvantages of the various coils presently available. 

We also outline the best Nugget Finder Coils after explaining the diference bewtween Mono and DD cils. 


 There are four basic rules involved in understanding the different types and sizes of coils available. 1. The bigger the coil, the deeper it will detect the bigger nuggets, but the shallower it will detect tiny nuggets. 2. The smaller the coil, the shallower it will detect big nuggets but the more sensitive it will be on tiny nuggets. 3. Double D wound coils are far more stable and create minimal ground noise but they are not as sensitive. This gives them a disadvantage in quiet (low internalization) soils but an advantage in noisy (high internalization) soils. 4. Monoloop wound coils are more sensitive, but they create far more ground noise and are less stable. This gives them an advantage in quiet soils and a disadvantage in noisy soils. The Monoloop design coil has a single winding of wire on the outside edge of the coil. The double D design has two loops of wiring which overlap in the central area of the coil.



1. Produce far less ground noise and require much less tuning. 2. Give considerably less false signals on mineralised patches or hot rocks. 3. In highly mineralised soils, nuggets can be detected at greater depth. 4. In very highly mineralised ground, they can be used when monoloop coils become too noisy. 5. They have a full width search pattern at depth. 6. They are less sensitive to electrical interference coming from nearby detectors, power lines and thunderstorms.  


1. They don’t penetrate quite as deeply in quiet ground (low internalization) as the Monoloop coils. 2. They will not detect smaller nuggets as well as the Monoloop coil in quiet ground. 3. They are slightly heavier in comparison to an equivalent sized mono coil, due to more wiring. 4. The audio signal produced is not quite as sharp or loud as a mono coil. 5. They don’t pinpoint targets as well.

Double D Comparison Table

Minelab EQX 06 Double-D Smart Coil

Minelab CTX 3939 17×13″ Double D

Coiltek 18″ Elite Round Camo Coil



1. They have an edge in sensitivity over double D coils. They penetrate a bit deeper than an equivalent sized DD coil in light to moderately mineralised soils. 2. They are slightly lighter than the same size DD coil. 3. They are capable of detecting slightly smaller nuggets than the same size DD coils. 4. They pinpoint more accurately.


1. In heavily mineralised soils, they create quite a bit of noise and will not detect nuggets as deeply as the equivalent DD coil. In extreme internalization conditions, they cannot be successfully used. 2. With manual ground balancing, they need to be tuned more frequently. 3. They will create many more false signals in heavily mineralised soils, and be more sensitive to hot rocks. 4. The search pattern is much narrower at depth, so the ground cannot be scanned as quickly. As can be seen from the above, one cannot say that either coil configuration is better than the other. It depends on the particular goldfield, the soil types, and even the size of the nuggets. It also depends on whether one is prospecting old previously detected ground or new ground. Also with the larger heavier coils, the condition of your back can come into the decision-making process. Let’s examine different types:


Large mono coils of around 14 inch and upwards give the best depth on the broadest range of nuggets in most soils. With an 18 Inch mono coil I have detected a 4-ounce nugget at 90 centimeters. Large coils should be used in deeper ground where gold has either been detected before or it is likely to be found. A round coil will detect deeper than an elliptical coil of the same length because of its symmetrical shape, but elliptical coils will fit into tight places and are lighter for their length which gives an advantage in ground coverage speed.


By very nature of their size, they will detect tiny pieces of gold but may miss the deeper bigger pieces. I remember detecting two small nuggets with a large mono coil. I scanned the immediate area and could find nothing else. I then thought I would try the little 8” mono on exactly the same patch, which was only room sized. There were signals everywhere! In all, I collected about 40 nuggets totaling about 14 grams. Having the right coil for the job can make a big difference. Little coils are good for detecting creek and gully beds among the bedrock crevices and boulders where only small coils can fit. They are also ideal for detecting between tall clumps of long grass where you can’t fit the bigger coils.


Are best used where the ground is highly mineralised and deep, with the possibility of larger nuggets being found at depth. They are not very sensitive on very small bits of gold, so you wouldn’t use them in shallow ground which has been detected before, as it is mainly small bits that have been missed you are searching for.


Are best used where the ground is highly mineralised and you are looking for small bits of gold in shallower ground with little likelihood of striking a big nugget at great depth.

Minelab GPZ 7000 Nugget Finder Coils

Nugget finder 12″ Coil for GPZ 7000

Minelab GPZ 7000 14 inch Skidplate

Minelab 19″ Coil for GPZ 7000

In the table above the Nugget Finder Coil is shown  with 21 grams (104 Nuggets) recently found by a field tester in 11days on previously worked ground at Tibooburra, the larger piece weighs in at 7.7grams. Nugget Finder Coils are made in Australia and come with a 3 year warranty. This is comparable to Minelab coils which also have a 3 year warranty. 


Ranging from 14 Inch to 17 Inch are the most popular by far, as they are a good compromise, and are not heavy.

Mono Comparison Table

Coiltek 11″ Elite Mono

Coiltek 9″ Elite Round Mono Coil

Coiltek 18″ Elite Round Camo Coil

A good coil choice for most amateurs would be: A Medium sized Mono and a Medium DD coil. If you want an even better range of coils, add a 10 Inch elliptical mono and a 24 Inch elliptical mono to your kit. Having the right coil for the job can make a difference of thousands of dollars worth of gold in many situations. I would hate to think that for the sake of saving a few hundred dollars in coil money that I had to give up early on that productive patch of gold, just because the ground became too deep to detect in or many of the nuggets were too small to detect. It would be frustrating to give up on that likely looking rocky ground because you couldn’t fit a coil between the boulders. To some hobbyists who only spend the occasional weekend on the goldfields, buying too many coils might be a bit of overkill. For most serious seekers, having the best range of coils will mean more gold, particularly if they visit a variety of goldfields and meet up with varied situations. See you out there!  

Gold prospectors know that the key to a successful hunt is having the right equipment. If you’re looking for a nugget finder coil, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using a Nugget Finder Coil and teach you how to choose the right one for you.


Do you love finding gold nuggets?

If you’re like most individuals, the answer is a loud “YES!”  The Nugget Finder Coil helps you find more gold nuggets with ease. This coil is designed specifically for use with Nugget Finder metal detectors, and it delivers unbeatable performance.

With the Nugget Finder Coil, you’ll be able to detect even the smallest gold nuggets with ease. And because it’s so sensitive, you’ll spend less time hunting for nuggets and more time finding them!

What is the Nugget Finder Coil and what does it do?

The Nugget Finder Coil is made from high-quality materials and has all the features you need to be successful in your hunt for treasure. This includes an adjustable height feature so that it can fit any size detector on the market today (even those with small coils).

It also comes complete with its own carrying case so that you can take it anywhere – even on long hikes through the wilderness. Its lightweight and compact design make for easy transportability too, making this product truly portable. Best of all, our coil is backed by a lifetime warranty against defects, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible product.

Different types of Nugget Finder Coil and its Features

There are several options available on the market make sure you find the coil that’s best suited for your needs.

Nugget Finder 17″ x 13″ Evolution Solid Metal Detector Coil

This is the perfect detector coil for any treasure hunter who wants to go big. It’s 17″ x 13″, which means you’ll find more gold in less time without having to swing your Detection Machine all over creation. The Nugget Finder evolved metal Detector Coils are made with high-quality materials and have been proven so far.

Nugget Finder 12×8″ Evolution Coil – suit Minelab SD, GP & GPX

The 12×8″ Nugget Finder is the perfect tool for bridging between Enhance and Fine Gold timing. It’s lightweight, making it easy to carry around in all types of terrain – from thick scrub land or tussocks with rocky ground surfaces where gold might otherwise be lost forever due to its inability to stay stuck down below; as well as being capable at good depths, so you don’t have any problems fishing around inside rocks looking deep under layers upon stacked plates.

The Nugget Finder Evolution search coils provide excellent response on both smaller and larger targets, with super-sharp sensitivity for maximum performance. With a sharpness setting of “Slow” or below you can detect even the smallest gold particles at depth in mineralized soil; while using Very slow motion will allow us to see more detail up close when targeting specific spots deep underground.

Nugget Finder 25” DD Minelab GPX Coil 

You don’t have to be pro detectors with years of experience under your belt, but this gold mining coil will give you more information than what’s possible on an entry-level product. This coil is for those who want to make the most of their gold prospecting trip. The advanced technology provides maximum responsiveness and sensitivity, so you can detect even small traces of amounts like never before.

Nugget Finder 15″ Round Evolution Solid Metal Detector Coil

The nugget finder 15″ evolution solid metal detector coil provides great coverage, sensitivity, and depth. This fantastic round detection tool is perfect for both the weekend prospector and serious professionals who want more from their search.

Nugget Finder 12″ x 8″ Evolution Mono Metal Detector Coil

The perfect coil for looking specifically in lakes and rivers where small gold nuggets can be found! The 12″ x 8″, evolution mono-coil from Nugget finder will help you hunt down those precious metals with ease.

NUGGET FINDER 12″ Evolution Coil – Excellent Condition

This coil has been used a few times and the skid plate is scuffed, but it’s in good condition. You won’t be disappointed with this gold-finder! It’ll help you find deep nuggets like no other; proven by its success on Minelab metal detectors such as GP series units or SD machines (including models that punch through intense soil conditions).

Nugget Finder GPZ 12″ Z-Search Metal Detector Coil

The Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector is a top-of-the-line metal detector and comes with all of its original equipment. However, if you want to make sure that it’s running at peak performance some things can help reduce weight like using an extra lower shaft for instance so don’t risk having your wonderful new machine sink due to poor quality parts.

Miner John Designs 12″ Round Black Coil Cover for Nugget Finder Advantage

Miner John Designs thought of everything when they designed the Nugget Finder Advantage. This cover is not only stylish but also offers superior strength and protection for your coil detection technology. With its sleek, black finish and durable construction, the Miner John Designs 12″ Round Black Coil Cover for Nugget Finder Advantage Coils is a perfect addition to any miner’s kit.

Miner John Designs 12″ White Round Coil Cover for Nugget Finder Advantage Coils

With this new 12″ white round coil cover from Miner John Designs, you will never have to worry about losing any more precious metal! This plastic plate is designed for use on either an open-spoke or solid design bicycle handlebars. It’s 3X thicker than original equipment so it’ll keep your bike running smoothly and efficiently while also protecting those sensitive electronic devices under our seats like pedals, gear shifters, etc.

Miner John Designs 6 x 8″ White Coil Cover for Nugget Finder Advantage Coils

Miner John Designs brings you the ultimate in mining protection with their 6″ x 8″, white round coil covers for your nugget finder coils. These heavy-duty plastic holders are 3 times as thick and durable as original equipment makers which provide added longevity to maximize productivity from any machine.

The Benefits of using the Nugget Finder Coil 

There are many benefits to using the Nugget Finder Coil, but here are some of our favorites:

  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s lightweight and compact
  • Ability to find more nuggets and other precious metals with ease
  • Increased accuracy
  • Lifetime warranty against defects


The Nugget Finder Coil is an essential piece of treasure hunting equipment that is easy to use and comes with a lifetime warranty against defects. You can find it on our website or at various retailers around the globe. Order now and start finding gold nuggets today!

Thank you for reading! We hope this article was helpful and informative. Please share it with your friends and family if you found it useful. And be sure to check back soon for more great treasure hunting content from Nugget Finder Coil.

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